“What They Say About Us”

These are extracts from residents and their families reproduced with their kind written permission:

“....we know Mum was very happy under your care. The level of care was to us of a consistently high standard, thank you all again”

"Thank you for accommodating Mum at Brackley Fields 3 years ago. Respite care turning into 3 very happy years for my Mum. She truly loved living within the Brackley Fields family"
Mrs S H (written permission given) November 2018

"We are very appreciative of how you and your staff looked after Dad whilst he lived at the home and can only give high praise to all of your staff."
P Ward. February 2017.

"...our sincere thanks to the staff who looked after my aunt during her stay at Brackley Fields. She particularly appreciated your relaxed approach which allowed her to exercise her considerable independence. The flexible meal choice also contributed to her contentment and she was a willing participant in the various group activities."
D Eliston January 2017

"...to thank you all for caring for my lovely Mummy over the last three and a half years. Your staff looked after her increasing frailty with compassion and, often, good humour."
L. Woolley January 2017

"Thank you all so much for what you did in making my lovely Dad so secure and comfortable, which is all we ever wanted....You guys are unsung heroes and thank you for making it like a second home to me."
N Davis June 2016

"....During Mum's stay the staff were unfailingly kind to Mum and supportive to me....they were always prepared to help us to get to Mum's room or to talk to me when I needed information or just support........I wanted to particularly thank the team for the end of life care they gave Mum. Conversations which could have been very difficult to have were handled brilliantly.....During Mum's last days the staff looked after us too. It felt like they were constantly there for us without being intrusive at all, which is a very difficult balance to get. They achieved it perfectly."
A Netten 2016